We begin with you.

Human resources should support your business objectives, not complicate them. That’s why we always start with you and your business objectives, then work out the best way to get there. Along the way we’ll make sure you seize every opportunity, while keeping you fully informed of all the risks.

We believe in being human.

We believe there’s no real substitute for a human relationship. We’ll never give you generic advice from a call centre, and we won’t shuffle you around to a different person each time you call. Instead, you get customised solutions from a dedicated human resources team who understand your business and know exactly where you’re coming from.

We roll up our sleeves.

Our clients tell us we’re innovative but in one respect we’re very old fashioned: we know there’s no substitute for a solid day’s work. We roll up our sleeves and get stuck in to what we do. We love taking a hands-on approach when we know it will get you the right result.

We’re there whenever you need us. And not when you don’t.

We’ll be there as part of your team to support you whenever and wherever you need us, through all kinds of HR situations. And when you don’t need us we leave you to get on with running your business, secure in the knowledge that we’re always close by.

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We’re named Catalina Consultants after the Catalina flying boats that once landed in Sydney’s Rose Bay, which also happens to be one of our favourite places in the world.

The Catalina played an important role in World War II because it could operate pretty much anywhere and go places and see things other planes couldn’t. We like to think we do the same thing for our clients. Because we give you impartial HR solutions that draw from the latest ideas across organisations and industries, we can help you see what your business needs and also help you realise your vision for it.

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