June 11, 2019

5 benefits of using a virtual HR team

If you’re a small business or startup, there are a range of benefits engaging a HR team virtually. We explore five ways in which a virtual HR team can help you and your business.

1. Virtual HR teams are often more cost-effective

Having a fully functional HR team in-house can be an expensive outlay for any business. However, there’s always a range of HR-based tasks that are required in order for a business to operate. These range from the administrative including, payroll and leave processing right through to the strategic, including marrying together your business goals and recruitment policies.

If you were to try to perform each of these in-house, you would need to hire several people. However, when you use a virtual HR team, you’re working with a team with a wide variety of skill sets. Considered the service is outsourced, you won’t have to worry about expenses such as superannuation, leave, payroll tax or the cost of training staff. Outsourcing your HR function to a virtual team can certainly keep costs down for business owners.

2. Your HR department is always ‘virtually’ available

HR-based incidents don’t always happen at the most convenient of times. Employee misconduct can often be at work functions or during the holiday season. So what happens if you need immediate advice or intervention and no one on your regular team is available? The beauty of a virtual HR team is its capacity to be relatively accessible.

3. Superior knowledge

As an industry, HR is forever changing, with new laws and regulations coming into power frequently. Therefore anyone who works in HR requires ongoing training to keep up with the latest industry trends and developments. With a virtual HR team, you can be assured that your human resources department will be up-to-date, well-versed in best practice and bring a wealth of experience to your business.

4. Virtual HR teams often use the latest technology

The best virtual HR teams don’t only rely on people; they also invest the latest human resources-related technology. This often includes payroll, leave processing and other administrative related software, as well as important programs for managing and maximising staff performance. This means not only get access to the most efficient and effective tech support for your business, but it’ll be significantly more affordable for your business.

5. Virtual HR teams lead to more productive and happier employees

Utilising the services of a virtual HR team can lead to more engagement in the workplace. Happy and engaged employees are generally more productive.

A professional virtual HR team will outline to you the best methods for keeping your staff motivated at work. They know appropriate policies and procedures and know exactly how to carry out performance reviews to marry them to your business objectives. In addition, your virtual HR team understand the hiring process and what support and training staff need to help carry them to the next level. In short, a virtual HR team could be the missing link in helping you achieve your business goals.

Are you ready to go virtual?

If you’re considering updating your HR function or are trying to work out the best option, then speak with us today. A virtual HR team might be the perfect solution.


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