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At Catalina Talent Advisory we work with our clients to provide talent advice and support. We are a full-service Talent Advisory team, with expert knowledge across all aspects of Talent Management. As an outsourced alternative we represent a compelling value proposition compared to a traditional in-house Talent Acquisition model. Think of us as your talent team who are there when you need us, and not when you don’t.

At Catalina Talent Advisory we partner with your business and manage the end-to-end recruitment process from job brief, advertisements, talent sourcing and head-hunting, shortlists, review and selection, interviews, and management of the offer stage including reference checks and contracts.

Service offerings

In addition to a full outsourced Talent Advisory service, we can also work with your business on the following:

Talent Strategy

We can identify and review talent gaps 
and formulate a strategic plan for 
effective talent acquisition.

Interview Training
and Upskilling

We can work with your teams to set 
them up for success when it comes to interviewing.


We can work with you to implement a successful strategy for managing your workforce, equipping future leaders with essential skills.


We can work with you to run any cognitive and job-related skills testing as required by the business.

Personality Profiling

We can work with you to manage any personality profile testing as required by the business.

Employment Checks

We can support you by conducting any relevant checks as required by the business (for example: reference checks, police checks etc)

A trusted talent partner to your business

Our Strategy

A client-centric offering whereby our clients engage us to recruit for specific roles and the candidates we put forward are exclusively represented to our client

  • No representation of the same candidates to competitors
  • Our clients get all of the candidates who are aligned to your needs
  • Candidates who are not aligned to your job requirements are not put forward
  • We don’t engage in any contingent recruitment
  • Our fees are not linked to remuneration

Why Catalina?

Our Talent Advisory Services is a natural extension of the existing relationship we already have with your business. As we are embedded into your business, and have a vested interest in ensuring the right people are found for the right roles, for the long term.

Our clients already 
trust us

We can identify and review talent gaps 
and formulate a strategic plan for effective talent acquisition.

We understand your business

We are passionate about your culture, and we have a vested interest in ensuring the right people are found for the right roles, for the long term.

It makes sense

Much like outsourcing your HR makes sense, so does outsourcing your talent management – it’s like having an internal recruiter, only you are not committed to the employment costs and headcount.

The Recruitment Process

Job Advertisement

Telephone conversation to take a role brief

Draft job advertisement

Advise and agree on salary benchmarking

Candidate Sourcing

Discuss and agree on advertisement sourcing channels

Research, engage and implement agreed sourcing channels

Post advertisement to relevant sourcing channels in addition to Seek and LinkedIn

Reviewing and Selecting

Review and screen all applications

Review and shortlist preferred applicants

Collate candidate applications for your review and discuss with you/your team


Schedule interviews

Develop interview questions and guides to support the interview process

Attend interviews (initial and further rounds) as needed


Discussion of final shortlist

Successful Candidate Offer

Provide direction regarding negotiation of salary package

Present the successful candidate with an offer, negotiate and close the offer

Advise other candidates of outcomes

Prepare Offer Letter and Contract of Employment

Prepare written offer letter and contract (if required)

Send documentation to your team to sign and distribute

Candidate Review (Feedback provided to business owners)

3-month review with successful candidate

6-month review with successful candidate

Meet the Team

Anita joins Catalina Consultants with 20 years of profound experience in the fields of recruitment, talent attraction & management, people leadership, HR, and resource management, and brings a wealth of expertise to the team. Known for her impressive talent acquisition background, Anita embodies a strong people-first mindset, demonstrating a passion for cultivating robust, positive, and empowering relationships with team members and stakeholders alike.

Underpinned by 12 years of HR best practice, Anita boasts a rich and diverse client base with minimal duplication of industry. Her approach to work is characterized by a creative and open mind, coupled with highly organised methods and a keen attention to detail. Comfortable navigating agile environments, she contributes effectively to dynamic work settings.
Anita is supported by our team of 17 HR professionals with a wealth of HR knowledge.

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