December 17, 2020

Why we all need a break this Christmas

Everyone needs an end of year break if they can afford to do so. And, with 2020 being a year like no other, there might be a reason to enforce a break for teams. We look at why both you and your employees should be taking time away from the office and the long term benefits that it can bring.

HR Benefit 1: Productivity will rise

As any year draws to an end, it’s only natural that we all start to feel tired and worn out. For many people, as 2020 draws to a close, that feeling of fatigue could be more prevalent than normal. After all, we’ve had to put up with a lot this year: uncertainty around the economy, our jobs, our businesses, or personal finances and, most importantly, our health. Even if you’ve come through the virus relatively unscathed financially, chances are it’s taken a psychological and emotional toll.

There’s a body of research that shows that taking a break lets you refocus and recharge. In fact, HBR argues that: “Statistically, taking more vacation results in greater success at work as well as lower stress and more happiness at work and home”. That’s right, employees who take regular holidays are were likely to also get that all-important raise. So go on, take that break and encourage others to have one too.

HR Benefit 2: You’ll encourage creativity

When we take a break away from the office or travel, we often gain new experiences, meet new people and are exposed to new cultures or different ways of thinking. This can help us look at problems in new ways and approach our work and our lives differently. What’s more, having psychological detachment from work for a while makes it more likely you’ll come up with new ideas. And, when you’re running a business, those new ideas can be gold.

HR Benefit 3: You’ll find things can go on without you

If you’re a business owner, chances are you have a hard time letting go. Yes, being in control can be a good thing. But, you need to be able to allow your business to operate without you being there. Trust your management team. By taking a break and getting away from the workplace, you might be surprised by how well things can run without you.

HR Benefit 4: You won’t be missing much

In Australia, one of the best things about having your break over the Christmas period is that often not much work gets done in your absence. With most people out of the office, few big buying or strategic decisions get made and the business tends to run on a philosophy of just getting by. Of course, this comes with a caveat. For some industries, such as retail and hospitality, this time of year can be the busiest of all. But if it’s not for you, take a break.

HR Benefit 5: You’ll avoid the burnout

Let’s face it, for many of us, it’s taken all of our mental reserves to get through this year. By stepping away and relaxing for a bit – whilst encouraging your employees to do the same – you can put this challenging year behind you and look forward to a new start in 2021.

Enjoy the festive season

On behalf of the Catalina Consultants team, have a wonderful Christmas and relaxing New Year. Come back feeling relaxed and refreshed. We look forward to working with you in 2021.

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