Have you considered outsourced HR before? A high functioning human resources team needs many skills, from the administrative right to the strategic. Unfortunately, building an in-house team of this size and scope can be difficult – not to mention costly and time-consuming.

At Catalina Consultants, we give you an alternative to the traditional, in-house HR function. With experts in all aspects of human resources, our outsourced team offers dedicated, on-call advice and business HR strategy without all the costs and hassle of a full-time department.

Why Use an Outsourced or Virtual HR service?

From the outset, we work tirelessly to understand your business and long-term objectives. We then create a custom or bespoke HR solution to fit just that.

Working with our team allows you to:

How Our Virtual HR Services Work

We always tailor our service to match our clients’ unique operations and business objectives. As part of this custom-fit approach, you get a solution that delivers just the right balance of administrative, operational and strategic support.

Use our bespoke HR service for:

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The right bespoke HR strategy is the key to reaching your organisation’s long-term goals and seeing tangible, measurable benefits from your efforts.

At Catalina Consultants, our experts act as your company’s dedicated human resources team. We can advise on, develop and implement all aspects of HR strategy, giving you actionable, commercially-focused guidance that makes a real difference to your bottom line.

Here’s just some of what we can do when putting together a bespoke HR strategy for your business:

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A successful business is built on its people. But hiring the right talent is only part of the challenge.

For true long-term success, you also need to make sure those people are properly engaged and working towards your business goals once they come onboard.

At Catalina Consultants we have real-world experience doing just that. We can help you:

A solid talent acquisition and development strategy are vital to achieving your goals as a business. Want help creating one? Contact us today to find out more.

Successful organisations usually have one thing in common, which is leadership. They have leaders that actively challenge, support and develop the business – and it’s people.

We can equip your key leaders with the skills they need to engage your employees and drive your business toward its goals. Through action learning and interventions, we’ll help them work through real-world problems, reflect on the results and develop their skills to see improvement.

Our leadership development services include:

If your leaders aren’t reaching their full potential, we can also help you make the most of the difficult conversations you need to have.

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When your organisation gets performance management right, your business and HR strategies will align, and your people will work together cohesively to reach your objectives.

But finding that stride is harder than it looks – especially when you’ve got dozens of other tasks and projects on your plate.

Fortunately, our employee development experts can help. We’ll create a custom-fit performance management plan that can get you where you need to go, helping you:

In short, as your HR partner, we can help you strategically align your performance, reward and people management efforts, so that all employees are working toward the same goals. Contact us today to learn more.

Are you in control of your workplace culture? Do all your people engage wholeheartedly in what you do?

We work with organisations and teams at all levels to make sure your culture aligns with the vision you have for your business. We find out what’s driving your team and organisational behaviour right now. Then we work with you to develop the right environment for success.

Here is just some of what we can do: