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Is your workplace culture aligned with your business vision? Are all your team members fully engaged in your mission? Catalina Consultants collaborates with organisations and teams at all levels to ensure that your culture resonates with the overarching vision you have for your business. We dive into understanding the current drivers behind your team and organisational behaviour, working alongside you to cultivate an environment conducive to success.

Our Comprehensive Workplace Culture Solutions

Cultural Identity and Change Programs

We specialise in:

  • Implementing programs that drive cultural identity and change, permeating throughout your entire organisation.
Coaching Programs for Transformation

Empower your key influencers and teams through:

  • Developing and facilitating coaching programs that transform leaders into mentors, fostering a culture of coaching across teams.
Employee Engagement Strategies
  • Conducting employee engagement surveys, analysing surveys and focus groups linked to your strategic objectives, and gauging the pulse of your workforce.
Leadership Development and Support Structures

Promote leadership development and empower your workforce by:

  • Leadership development programs that equip leaders to become mentors, encouraging coaching and mentorship across teams.
  • Structures and support that enable every individual to contribute to the organisation’s direction, making a personal impact.

Why Choose Catalina Consultants?

  • We align your workplace culture initiatives with your business vision for a cohesive organisational approach.
  • Benefit from comprehensive support at all levels, from cultural identity programs to coaching and engagement strategies.

Elevate Your Workplace Culture

Contact Catalina Consultants today to discover how our expertise can transform your workplace culture, ensuring alignment with your business goals.