March 6, 2024

How talent advisory takes recruitment to the next level

Savvy organisations are increasingly using talent advisory as a complement to traditional recruitment. We look at what it involves, how businesses benefit, and why Catalina Consultants recently launched its own talent advisory service. 

What is talent advisory?

Talent advisory is a service that goes beyond traditional recruitment, offering a more comprehensive and integrated approach to identifying, hiring and training staff. 

It focuses on aligning an organisation’s talent strategies with its business objectives. In doing so, talent advisory takes into account market trends, competitor analysis and workforce planning to build out human resource capabilities in a holistic and focused way.  

Talent advisory services can include such things as leadership development, succession planning, employee engagement strategies and more. In this sense, they move beyond transactional hirings to offer a more strategic and long-term approach to acquiring and developing talent.

Why talent advisory is needed now

Talent advisory services can help organisations achieve their business objectives regardless of the market cycle. However, we’ve noticed an increased need for them over the past few years. 

As most employers will tell you, since the COVID pandemic, the dynamics in Australia’s labour market has been tilted in favour of employees. For many businesses, finding new employees has become a real issue. Trying to attract them for a realistic salary has become more difficult still. 

A talent advisory service can help employers proactively identify and target potential talent that will propel their business forward.

In fact, some organisations take the view that, if the employee is right for their organisation, they’re willing to find a role for them to fulfil, just to make sure they can attract them. One employer put it to us that: “When a great candidate comes up we would like to interview them because you can always find openings.”

Filling a gap between recruitment and business goals

A talent advisory service also constantly scans the environment, looking for intelligence on what’s happening in the marketplace and keeping the business across the employment trends that are happening. It also should know which employees are where, what work they perform and how they’re regarded by their clients or customers and peers.

This is important by the time employers need to fill a role, it usually needs to be done quickly and cost-effectively so that the business doesn’t skip a beat. Often that means having a seamless handover period with a departing employee, or at least making sure that any hole in capacity doesn’t last too long.

Employers often complain that a lot of time can be wasted on interviewing and vetting incompatible candidates, or candidates who are being put forward to multiple employers, including direct competitors. 

One of the major differences between talent advisory and recruitment, is that a pipeline of talent is constantly being built and replenished. Candidates are sourced and cultivated on an ongoing basis, so they’re often ready to come onboard – without being ‘shopped’ to several businesses. 

Why Catalina Consultants established a talent advisory

For more than a decade, we’ve been helping some of Australia’s best businesses deliver more when it comes to human resources. We listen intently to what our clients want, and always look for ways to refine and improve our services to help their businesses.

Increasingly, many are finding it difficult to fill roles. Many are worried about the cost and inefficiencies associated with traditional recruitment. Some also feel they can do much better when it comes to getting the right people.

We wanted to be able to offer a service that offered talent advice in much the same way that we offer human resources advice already. We certainly don’t see ourselves as directly replacing an existing recruitment relationship, but we did want to make the recruitment process more cost-effective and strategic. The idea is that, where recruiters are needed, they will come in at a stage where they can use their skills to really add value.

In short…

The talent advisory service offering is an exciting new chapter for our business, and one that we know will generate great results for our clients.

If you’d like to know more about how it can help your organisation, get in touch. 

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