March 9, 2018

James Aulsebrook

Merilyn and the friendly team at Catalina Consultants have assisted JCurve Solutions with our turnaround strategy, initially undertaking a HR audit before providing ongoing HR consulting advice and regular HR training. The advice and training provided to our team at JCurve Solutions is always first class and our dedicated adviser, Megan acts as an integral part of the team and someone I trust to always provide timely, accurate and professional HR advice.

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Merilyn founded Catalina Consultants in 2012 on the belief that all organisations, regardless of size, should have access to top quality bespoke HR services. She enjoys working closely with her clients and believes that the best results are built on relationships of rapport, trust and authenticity. Growing up, Merilyn had her sight set on stardom and dreamed of becoming an actor. She also sang and played the piano, but ended up studying accounting and HR. Whilst she hasn’t won her Grammy just yet, she still loves a good karaoke night. Merilyn loves to travel with her family, with South Africa being one of her most memorable destinations.

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